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Wednesday update

So far this week,I have stayed out of the 7-11 located next door to my job. The last two weeks I was in there at least towce a day. Pure Laziness! I did not want to pack a lunch or pack an instant oatmeal for breakfast.
For breakfast, all I wanted was the Toquitos!! I love the Toquitos for breakfast. Two Monterey Jack Toquitos. Absolutely delish!! And they were two for two dollars. (Savings of 19cents).

Anyway, I have that little problem under control for now. And that is how my nature is. I will be consistent in saving for a length of time ( which is currently going on now) and then, who knows when I will not care a flip about saving a dime.

Luckily I have no debt. Okay,, a tiny small amount of debt. About 400.00 dollars. It could be 800.00 but I am waiting to be reimbursed by work for 400.00 dollars. So things are not too out of control for me financially.

Call it what you will, obsessive/compulsive, manic/depressive.... :0 Who knows. But the good news is for now I am in a SAVING MOOD. YooHoo! I am excited about the $20 challenge and building it up!!

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