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Publix Grocery Shopping

Went to Publix today for the weekly groceries. It had been about two weeks since I went shopping shopping. (That's where I have to stock up on just about everything). So tell me, where does 145.00 dollars go?!! Wow.

Okay, so I did buy some extra things that were not on the list. Hummus. I love hummus. It is a great snack with some toasted pitas.... yummy! Anyway, put that under the category of "Impulse Buying". Oh yes,,, there is more in that category. Frozen Pizzas. But they were on sale! Two for 9.00 dollars. But there were not on the list. And did I mention that Publix had Ice Cream (store brand) on sale 3 for 10.00 dollars?? Yep. MORE impulse shopping.

Oh well. I should be good for another week to ten days. ( I Hope). I love to shop at Publix!!!
Did I mention I saved 30.00 dollars??? Publix had some great BOGO'S.

Confession is good for the soul!

Have a great evening!


Dannalie said...

I grew up in Kissimmee...now live in Texas. I miss Publix! Nice clean stores and lots of variety.
Have a great day!

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