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A Working Vacation

Hubs and I took off last week to get caught up on a few household projects. Projects never go away, they just seem to grow and multiply! We did get many of the tasks done, which is a great relief to both of us. The best project that we finished was blowing more insulation into the attic. The level of insulation that WAS in the attic was only about 4 inches. Ridiculous considering we live in Florida!

Anyway,we went to Home Depot and rented a blower and bought about 30 bales or bundles of eco friendly insulation. ( it is just shredded phone books). When you buy at least 20 bales of insulation (at about 8.00 dollars each) you get the rental for free.

So, hubs crawled in the attic with the 100 foot hose and I manned the blower and bales of insulation. I have to say the job makes a huge mess!!! And when we finished, hubs was almost unrecognizable and the garage was covered in insulation residue! Yuck!

The job is done, we added at least 15 to 20 inches of insulation which brings us to an R-value of about 35. Some places a little more, some a little less.

After all is said and done, the insulation should reduce the elec. bill about 20 percent each month. Yea!! Will we ever do this type of project again??? Oh No! Never. We will call around and get the best deal next time!

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