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The Carpet Fund aka Cash for my Carpet!!

I don't know about you, but I am not the most consistent person when it comes to saving. I do have several automatic saving plans (401k) (Roth IRA) to name a few.... and knowing that gives me peace of mind. But I have a new project.... and it has to do with carpet!!!

In the recent past I have attempted the "20 Dollar Challenge" with minor success. I was trying to copy what worked for another person and to tell you the truth, I liked the concept but I did not really have a set goal to save for.

Now I do. Last Month, I ordered carpet for three of our bedrooms. I put it on a Lowe's charge card (new application) and got it for no interest/no payments for 12 months. I can pay it at any time, but I want to use this purchase as a new goal for the previously named 20 dollar challenge.

I am changing the name to Cash for my Carpet fund!!! True, A goofy name, but if you have another one, go ahead and suggest it. I am open to all suggestions!

"Cash for my Carpet" fund has a small balance of 23.00. I have until March 2009 to acquire 1301.00 dollars for the balance due on the carpet. So here we go!!!!

I will keep you posted on the progress of this account and how I fund it.

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