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Oh Oh!

You know, trying to stay organized is not such an easy task for me. Work is really busy and family events are keeping everyone busy. I try to stay on top of when my coupons expire, when my rebate checks expire and when my ECB's expire. Well, I just now realized that I have about 20 buck in ECB's that expired 2 days ago!!!! Crap! What a sick feeling in my gut that gave me. Yuck.

The old stockpile is pretty well stocked up and I just have not had time to go to CVS or Walgreens for that matter. This has happened once before, but I realized it about 2 months past the time of expiration. I am going CVS in the morning and ask the manager if I can still use the ECB's. I have read on blogs that some stores will take them a little past their expiration. Oh my fingers are crossed!

But, If not... I will just start over. Again. (Heavy Sigh)


Marin said...

Oh no! I would have felt sick too! Good luck :)

Lisa said...

Hi Marin

Luckily it all worked out. The CVS manager on duty accepted the coupons and I learned a very valuable lesson!

Marin said...

Oh no! I would have felt sick too! Good luck :)