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CVS Savings

It has been several weeks since I have been to CVS. I have been really busy with work and school. I also am pretty well stocked up on most items.

So why go today? I was originally going to CVS to see if they had any marked down Thanksgiving items that I could buy for next year. Do you know out of three stores, not one had any decorations left.

While at the first store, I saw the Black Friday flyer and noticed the Loreal lip gloss on sale for 6.99 receive 6.99 in ECB's back. My mind started going. I really like this lip gloss, and so dies my daughter. I decided to "get back " into the CVS game. I did not have any current ECB's so I was starting from the beginning. I decided to start with an initial outlay of 10.00 dollars and try to grow my ECB's again.

First Store: 6.99 for Loreal Lip Gloss. 6.99 in ECB back

Second Store: 6.99 for Loreal Lip Gloss 6.99 in ECBs
2.99 for Aussie Hair Spray 2.99 in ECBS
9.98 ECB
Cost after ECBS used ~~2.99~~~

Third Store: 5.69 J & J Lotion 5.69 in ECBS
2.99 Aussie Hair Spray 2.99 in ECBs

2.99 Colgate Toothpaste 2.99 in ECBs
Out of pocket was ZERO. (I had an expired ECB for 2.00 that this store honored)
After all was said and done, the cahsier price adjusted my ECB and my final total was ZERO!!
Next Transaction: 5.99 for Covergirl Compact 5.99 In ECB
2.99 for Colgate Toothpaste 2.99 In ECB
Total after ECBS was 38 cents.
I have 11.97 in ECBS to use. I bought approximately 37.62 dollars in product at the sale price.
Additional savings are approximately 7.80 dollars (this is the savings due to the sale price)
Definitely not a bad day at CVS. It only cost me 10.00 to get started again.


lulugal11 said...

I love that lip gloss too so I got two at the first store. My BF has a card and I begged him to go to the store with me so I could get more....he thinks I am addicted to lip gloss and refused to go with me so I could use his card.

We finally went today...but they were totally out. Arrrgh!

Lisa said...

That sucks Lulugal! I think it was your post on how great the lip gloss was that encouraged me to stock up!

paula said...

I have not been doing too much CVSing lately but I did hit the store yesterday and got some savings. Now I have plenty of ecb's and next weeks ads for cvs are not good at all.

Lisa said...

Hi Paula

I really did not plan to go out shopping yesterday, but I am glad I did. I have to admit I have missed the "thrill" of the CVS game. :)