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Preparing for Thursday

Initially, I was not planning on cooking Thanksgiving dinner. I "assumed" that the family would be going to my son's house for dinner. They live on a mini farm and have lots of room for everyone.

I "assumed" wrong. Thursday... 17 people will be coming to dinner. The majority will be family, several friends also. Wow. So... I have been baking cornbread for cornbread dressing, pre slicing and dicing the celery and onions. I have froze the onions and the sliced celery is in a zip lock bag with a damp paper towel. The cornbread has been sliced and cubed and froze. I made 3 large pans of corn bread. I also put granny smith apples in.. but will put this all together on Thursday.

I have baked an mashed the Sweep Potatoes for the Sweet Potato casserole. I will be putting this together tonight with the intent of baking it tomorrow and warm it up on Thursday.

I have two turkey breasts and a ham to cook. These will be pre cooked as well. Wednesday evening I will season the turkey breasts and put them in a Reynolds bag to bake. After they are done, I will slice them and store in their own juice to be warmed up on Thursday.

The ham will be heated on Thursday and sliced in the am. Will reheat for the afternoon. My mom is bringing the mashed potatoes and corn casserole. There will be other sides as well, but you can count that they will be easy to get ready.

By pre-cooking most items all I have to do is heat and serve. This gives me more time to visit and relax. I want to enjoy my family and not worry too much about fixing the meal.

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