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Went To Walgreens today. Here is what I did:

Walgreen Ibuprofen 200 mg # 100 when buy one get one free for 6.99

I bought 4 for a cost of 13.99.

I still have some of the "50.00 dollars in great savings" Trifold coupon booklets and in there were 2.00 off coupons. With the coupon, I save 8.00 of the cost of the Walgreens Ibuprofen.

400 tablets were 5.99 total! A great Deal!

Next, I purchased the FAR Loreal Age Perfect Pro Calcium on sale for 14.99
and I also bought the FAR mascara for 6.99

After coupons (ibuprofen, forgot my 5/20 coupon!) The total cost was 19.48 which I paid with a walgreens gift card.

I will be adding the reund amount to my card next month in the amount of 21.98 plus 10%. This would make my refund in the amount of 24. 17 to spend next month.

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