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Cash and Carry

I am attempting (again) to limit my grocery and eating out spending. As a rule of thumb, I debit almost everything. I don't carry cash which can be costly, especially when you use an out of network ATM. I do try to keep my spending in line when I debit, but looking at my bank statement I know that I don't. Or in other words, I could do so much better. The checkbook ledger in my mind is certainly not as accurate as the real thing.

So, for this pay period, I am going to take the debit card out of the equation. I am going to use cash for grocery and eating out costs. Yes, we still eat out. Not as much as we use to, but probably still too often and it is costing us money. I have taken out 300.00 cash. 150.00 will be used for groceries and 150.00 will be used for eating out. See... I told you, we waste money eating out.

I figure if I actually see the money in my hand, I will be less inclined to spend it as opposed to using strictly debit. This is the theory anyway.

If you think the 150.00 cash for eating out is a lot, I would have to agree with you. But I am keeping the cash out, so that If I do eat out, I can see how quickly the money disappears. (I am a visual learner, so I like to look at the money).

And, if the grocery money dwindles down to quicky, I will borrow from the eating out money. In all reality, both amounts are alot for just two people. I say that now, but you know my story might be different at the end of two weeks. :)

Yesterday, I did go to the grocery store, with a semi adequate list and I spent 62.00 dollars.
Total remaining is 130.00.

The eating out is still at 150.00.

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