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ReCap the last Two Days

The last two days have not been successful no spend days. At least not entirely. Wednesday, I did not feel like cooking, or rather I am content eating a bowl of plain spaghetti with just butter and salt... and my husband not so much. He went to McDonald's to get a couple of burgers. Cost was about 5.00 bucks.

Yesterday, I met my mom at Boston Market for lunch. My turn to pay, so we both had the kid's meal and that cost was just under ten dollars. Last night... well, last night I was craving "Checkers" and hubs and I hit the drive thru. (You, know..I realize where my money goes... right out of my wallet in to the cash register of a drive thru restaurant!) Anyway, that cost was about 9.00 bucks.

Accountability sucks!! Anyway.... to recap: Wednesday I spent 5.00 dollars on eating out and Thursday I spent another (rounding up) 10.00 dollars. Well..... that being said, I am going to send 15.00 dollars to reduce my debt. 7.50 to the furniture and 7.50 to the credit card.

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Laina said...

Good for you for being honest. Posting no doubt will help you but many others as well. Keep it up. I love to read your stuff.