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No Spend Days...

Yesterday and was a no spend day for me. I did not wander over to the 7-11 next to work to get a snack or soda. I did not go to Walgreen's to us my 5/25 coupon. I realize that not every day is going to be a no spend day, and it is okay if every once in awhile I do spend a little money. The idea is not to be a prisoner to my budget... or to my bills.

In all reality, Sunday was a no spend day too. Monday was a different story. I had issues with some pesky ATM Fees due to the fact I did not plan ahead for an event.

Referring back to my financial strategy to reduce my debt, I am going to apply a portion of the unspent money to those bills. The CC is getting 11.50 dollars and the Furniture debt is getting 15.00 dollars.

Whittling away the debt... one buck at a time!

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