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I went to Walgreen's last night to get a few things that were are sale. The first Walgreen's I went to, ( I was not "planning" on going to more than one at the time) I picked up the Robitussin cough syrups that were on sale for 3.99. I had the Internet coupons for 3.00 off of each AND when you bought 3 Robitussin's you get five dollars in Register Rewards. This deal worked just fine.

I then wanted to get the Sure Deodorant on sale for 2.50. There is a Instant Value Coupon for 1.50 and an IP for 1.00, which makes the deodorant free. The register/assistant manager would not let me use both coupons. What the heck!! I tried to explain to him that this store has taken them in the past with out any problems. He did not budge. Fine. I only purchased the Robitussin and had him take the Deodorant off my bill and return my coupons.

I then went to a second Walgreen's to get the deodorant, which was next to Publix as I had to stop in Publix as well. So this Walgreen's had the deodorant on sale for 1.99 so after you used your IVC coupons it was only 50. cents. Well, I was not going to any more Walgreen's last night so I went ahead and picked up 4 deodorants for the price of 2.50. This includes the tax.

Oh... I will be going to the Walgreen's by my work this morning. I can't wait to see what their deodorant/store coupon policy is. :)

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