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Christmas Dinner

It's not what you think. Christmas dinner is definitely on my list of things to do for the family. In fact, out family celebrates next weekend at my house, so the kids can enjoy Christmas with their own families at their home. Just seems less stressful for all.

But.... tonightwe are having our annual Christmas dinner at my church. We originally planned for 40 to 50 people to attend. 40 or 50 is the amount of people that usually attend these type of events in the past. This is a manageable crowd and easy to plan and feed. Yesterday, the count has gone up to 100 people. What the heck??? 100 people!!!

We have had to adjust the menu and go out and shop for more food. Today it all comes together and we will serve at 6:30 pm. 100 people is not the usual number for our events. Usually the most is about 75. The Lord is blessing our church and will bless our event. I know He will provide for all who attend.

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