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I went to Walgreen's today to stock up on the Arm and Hammer Detergent that was on sale the last four days. The price after the 4 day coupon is 1.00 each. Regularly it is 6.29 at the Walgreen's I usually go to. I also needed softener to I pick up a bottle of that as well.

Three Arm and Hammer Detergents after coupon 5.98

The one bottle of softener was 4.99

Total 10.97

After the 5.00 dollar register reward of 5.00
The final cost was (includes tax) 6.36

I also got another register reward of 5.00

This is for spending at least 25.00!

I will be rolling the register reward next week. If they don't have any good deals, I will juse the register reward at Publix when I grocery shop.

1 comment:

Paula said...

I got the detergent as well. I had my hubby with me so I kept making him go thru the line with 25 dollars worth of stuff and get a RR and come back for more. I think he gets a kick out of the whole thing. But you can't pass up detergent on sale like that and I got the free and sensitive so I am good to go.