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A Change in Plans

Previously, I had posted about my plans for interning at a local community college. I was going to intern in a class as part of my education degree. Well, I went to talk to the professor that was my previous instructor and now program director, also my mentor. I was all set to teach in her class this semester. The material is all familiar to me. I worked most of the Christmas break preparing lectures and tests.

During the course of this process I was physically ill, unable to concentrate and very overwhelmed. I went to my mentor's home two days ago to post my syllabus. We talked for a couple of hours and during that time I decided that I did not want to continue in this direction.

As soon as I made the decision, I immediately felt the weight of the world lifted from my
shoulders. I was and still am happy!

Where will I go from here? I will happily take this semester off and resume my studies next semester. I can still finish the degree with an online internship, similar to the one I completed last semester. Just a few more classes and I will finish this degree. What will I do with it.. remains to be seen.

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