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Surgery Update

I have been busy with recovery. The shoulder surgery was last Friday, almost one week ago. Wow. Seems longer. Anyway... the surgery was a success. The Surgeon did the determine that there was a full thickness tear in my rotator cuff (he said he could put his finger through it....bleeeech) and he grated down some bone and arthritis as well. The tear was repaired with 3 anchors, he said it is as good as new.

But let me tell ya.... Good as new hurts. Alot. I am to the point in my recovery that I can move my are and in fact am doing small rotations as the doctor suggested. I also have a cool compress device that I can use on my arm and let me tell you that is an absolute Godsend! It relieves the pain so much that I actually can fall asleep.

I do have pain meds that are great. At first, he prescribed Percocet. Well.... who know I was allergic to Percocet?? Not me! When I took it, I would itch, get flush and feel like my blood pressure was going to shoot through the roof! He (the doc) provided me a different pain reliever that has not had the same side effects, LorTabs seem to agree with me.

Anyway... I am enjoying catching up on reading a variety of bloggy friends, both old an new. Shopping is about the furtherest thing from my mind right now and quite honestly If i really wanted something I would just buy it anyway, no matter what the cost. ( pain meds are talking!)

I will check back in a few days, to give a progress report. I also post on my weight loss blog, (see side bar for link) so you can follow me there too.

I hope all have a Blessed Easter!

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Paula said...

glad to hear things are going good. Happy Easter.