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Friday is Payday

I am beginning the second pay period in August. A brief update on the first Pay period is in order. I budgeted 250.00 for groceries and personal care items for the first two weeks and managed to come in under budget by 5.00 dollars. Now... to me 125.00 per week for groceries seems like a lot for two people. And I thought it would be sooooooo..... easy to stay way under the 125.00 per week. It was not. I watched the ads, used a few coupons ( I do not stay organized enough to do the mega coupon thing) and thought I would do really well. I barely made my budget with the above efforts.

So.. I am not going to give myself a hard time about it, and just try to do a little better this next pay period.

I also have a little bit left over in my checking account, that and the 5.00 dollars left over from grocery money not spent I will be "snow flaking" at the end of August. I have an active credit card with a balance and I need to make that balance shrink down a bit.

So, my monthly bills will be paid to day (online), I will get my grocery cash out for the next two weeks and try like the dickens to keep it under budget.

I order to bring in a little more money I am thinking of opening a ETSY shop selling vintage items. We shall see how that progresses...

Happy Friday!

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