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Update on Grocery Spending

For the month August, I challenged myself to spend ONLY 500.00 dollars on groceries and personal care items. At first, I thought that this was plenty of money for just two people. Breaking it down, I give myself 125.00 per pay period (every two weeks) to spend at the store for food and stuff.

I do try to use coupons when I can. I must admit, I do not have a lot of success with coordinating my coupons with my shopping trips. I have really good intentions, but limited success. It is a logistical nightmare for me to get that organized. So.... I do the best I can with what I have. I still manage to save some money off my bill with the use of coupons.

This week I have 6.00 dollars left to spend until Friday. I am very proud of my accomplishment, as this is definitely a big deal for me.

Today, I will be checking out the grocery ads, and planning my weekly meals. This small little detail, planning my meals, really helps me out.

I have been using my crock pot a lot lately. Yesterday, I had made a crock pot meatloaf, courtesy of the "Crock Pot Lady" and it turned out wonderful. Who knew you could put the meatloaf in a pan INTO the crock pot and cook it??? Not me! It was so easy and yummy!

So... it is the small attempts to controlling my budget that are accomplishing much.

Happy Wednesday!

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