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Rotisserie Crock Pot Chicken

I love Stephanie Crock pot blog. I have been trying out her recipes about once or twice a week. Today is rotisserie style chicken. I got a great deal on the chicken, at least I think it was a great deal. 59 cents a pound for whole chickens. Anyway.. I thought it was a good deal. I just ripped off the skin of the chicken this morning, seasoned it and plopped it in the crock pot.

I am adding to my collection of crock pots too... I found a pretty green with ivy crock pot for 2.00 bucks at the Salvation Army. It was 8.00 bucks but they had a 75% off sale on all yellow stickers.

Update: The Chicken turned out wonderful..... You should give it a try
A Year of Slow Cooking: CrockPot Rotisserie-Style Chicken Recipe

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