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Budgeting, Budgeting, Budgeting

It is all we do. Budget. We budget our time. We budget our money. We budget our life.

Work is necessary. So we have to budget the 40 or so hours a week to accomplish our job. Don't forget to budget time to get ready in the morning. do you get in the shower in the morning, wash your hair daily, and then there is the make up picking out an outfit if you do not get to wear a uniform. so there is more time to budget. Packing your lunch and or fixing your breakfast before work,,, more time to budget. So, I figure in at least an hour to an hour and one half to get all this done.

What about drive time to work? Depending on how far you live from work and your mode of transportation it can take you from 5 minutes to over an hour and one half to get to work. When you park your car.. do you just have to walk in the door and there you are there OR do you have to park and then walk from a parking garage or lot? More time to budget.....

While you are at work, you are probably planning (or budgeting) your time for after work. Factoring in the drive time... you have to decide if you have stop right after work to go to the store or go back to the store later that evening.

What is for dinner? How long will it take to prepare? Will someone be able to start dinner for you?

It is so difficult to budget time.... which trickles over into budgeting money. Definitely a whole new post


sabakose said...

now ... isn't all THAT the truth!!!

Robert said...

With full-time work and grad school, budgeting time is becoming a bigger concern in my life of late. Great post.

financiallysmart said...

A very funny way at looking at budgeting but simple the truth. A budget is more than just some figures written down on a scrap of paper. If it’s done properly, the budget will show you what’s going wrong with your finances, and pinpoint areas for improvement.