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How Not To Shop With Coupons

I hve been trying so hard to shop wisely and use coupons. I will research different blogs that will post great deals about Publix. I will print my coupons, cut coupons out of the newspaper of which I bought four copies. I will write a list and get ready to go and save some money.

I have my Publix shopping bags in the car to be ready at a moments notice. There is no way to fail.

Oh... but there is ......

1. Forget your list at home
2. Forget your coupons on the kitchen counter
3. Forget to even bring the ad you so meticulously write notes on
4. Go to store hungry
5. Talk on cell phone while shopping
6. Getting what hubs says we need (cell phone conversation) knowing he did not even get up to look in the refrig.

Don't do the above.

You will not save money.

You will spend way more than you planned.

1 comment:

Robert said...

Sometimes people buy things because it's a great deal, so coupons can work the other way sometimes. "Wow, potatoes for $2 a bag? I'm allergic to potatoes but wow I'll get a bad anyways!"