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No Internet This Morning

This morning was a non-productive morning.  I don't have to be to work until 9:00, so I like to get up early and read a few of my favorite blogs, perhaps compose a post, basically it is a time for me to tie up some loose ends before the weekend.

It took me about 45 minutes and a couple of restarts to figure out I would have to call the cable company to have them check it out and try and fix it.  The service guy on the phone gave me some steps to go through to try  to reboot the modem.  It did not work.  So they sent a service technician out to the house to look at the modem and connections.

Whatever was wrong was not at the house.  The tech was at the house for about an 1&1/2 hour before he decided to have another tech come out.  That tech had to climb a pole located about four houses down to figure out the problem. The internet is back and I am thrilled to be back online.   Evidently, I really count on my internet connection and when it was out of service, I was really out of sorts! 

For now all is well.  It is time to catch up on some great blog reading, and put together my post for my goals for next  year.


Maureen said...

Having no Internet is a bit like having your hand cut off, I can,t imagine a day going past without me having to look something up, or just keeping in touch with my blogging life.

Looking forward to your goals.

Budget Confidential said...

No internet is like doomsday for me. It amazes me how reliant I am on it anymore.

Jane said...

Its like we can't function around here without internet - it's pretty funny actually. Michael, Kazi and I can be all together in the living room each on our own laptop. Does that still qualify as spending quality time with family lol? I see it as time well spent for me - I feel closer to you and my other blogging friends that I do with my non-blogger friends, I think because I share more online than I do in person.
Anyway, I am GLAD you are back online!!

Lisa @Cents To Save said...

Maureen @ The no internet thing really sucked, even for half a day!

Budget Confidential @ I rely on internet to do so many things!

Jane @ I think it does qualify as family time if you are all hanging out together! And I agree with you, I feel that I have developed a very special bond with my blogging friends. And at times, I can share things with you all that I can't yet share with most of my real life friends.