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Saturday Morning

Good Saturday Morning! Again, another busy week has passed by.  So busy in fact, that I am not ready for our early Christmas that should be taking place this afternoon.  It is postponed until tomorrow after church.  Talk about not being prepared!  I am going out this morning to finish up the shopping.

I had an interview Wednesday evening for a part time teaching position.  The position was related to my occupation and I was fairly excited about it. As it turns out, they wanted me to teach ultrasound  physics. Yeah, right.  I don't think so.  I passed that board 10 years ago and have forgot just about everything I memorized at that time.  But, the good news is that they are still interested in me to teach other subjects that I am much more comfortable with.  If all goes as planned, that position should start in about 8 weeks and I would be working two nights a week.

House Update:  Our Realtor called and said the the bank that is in charge of the short sale has our paperwork and now it is just a waiting game. The mortgage broker has submitted our financial paperwork to the underwriters as well.  Again, another waiting game. 

Son Update:  J has again spoken to his public defender regarding his first court date that is on December 20th (driving with a suspended license).  The public defender has been in contact with the State Attorney and they have worked out a deal that will let J serve about 4o days instead of the original 60.  He will not go to jail on the 20th, because he has another court date on December the 21st in another county (violation of probation).
 His probation officer is recommending no jail time, so hopefully the judge will agree as well.  

Financial Update:  I have been using Mint.com to track my spending.  So far I am finding that Mint is very easy to use.  The program keeps track of my purchases, income and overall budget.  I can go into the program and split my transactions to better keep track of my money.  For instance, If I spend money at K-Mart on gifts, clothes, and auto I can select that transaction in Mint and designate (or split) the correct amount  in to each correct budgeted category. It also has the ability to add cash transactions to keep track of my spending as well.


Sharon said...

no wonder you are not ready for Christmas, you have so much on your plate right now! Take some time for yourself. This time of year can get very overwhelming, that's for sure.

Glad that your son's time may be lessened. I'm praying that this will be over soon for you.

Liz said...

I'm that you got a little good news about your son's situation. Just make sure to take some time to just soke in the tub for at least 20 minutes. You need to just breathe. Family is the most important thing & God will provide you with the strength you need. God bless you & your family.

Jane said...

Hi Lisa: your posts continue to be more positive - so glad to see that! The extra $$ earned by teaching would be welcome I'm sure with a new home on the horizon. It seems like you are getting closer to resolving/ending certain situations and with that brings great relief.