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Last Minute Details

This week is a busy week around the house.  We have potential renters coming to look at our house tomorrow so there is a lot of cleaning and touch ups being done daily after work.   My husband decided to repaint our Master bathroom Monday. He pulled everything out of the bathroom, prepped the walls and the second coat of paint went on last night.  Tonight, he will be putting it back together.  I love the new color, "Rosy  Mauve" and I am going to use it at our new house.  ( The picture above is a sample of the color) When we finally hear from the short sale bank,  that is.

Thanks for all the encouraging comments regarding the debt repayment.  I am enjoying "The Saved Quarter" challenge and look forward to having that nasty credit card debt wiped out by the end of the year.  I expect there may be times when we can't pay quite as much to the credit cards, but regardless, we are going to keep plugging along!


Jane said...

Is your rental start date flexible to reflect the short sale dilemma or will you be staying elsewhere til you find out that it's yours?
I love that colour!

Maureen said...

I also like the colour, it,s nice to see a Landlord going to the effort of having a nice clean and freshly painted house for a renter to move into......

Lisa @Cents To Save said...

Jane@ The renters are aware that we are waiting on the short sale to go through.

Maureen and Jane@ Thanks! We love the color too! :)