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Oh man.... It has been a loooonnngg time since I have overdrawn my checking account.  But I did it again.  That sucks.  I forgot that I have an automatic withdrawal for my Geico Insurance. I do have overdraft protection, but it does come at a price.  Oh well.  Just a reminder to pay ATTENTION to my money.  It cannot take care of itself.  Duh!!    Since my husband changed jobs, his last paycheck from his old job will have to be picked up by him.  Usually it is direct deposited every Friday.  I sure did miss it this past Friday.   So, he has an appointment to pick it up Wednesday.  Everything should be okay after that.


Niki said...

Aw that sucks.
I hope you can get back to some type of normalcy soon.

Dave@50plusfinance said...

My insurance payment has tripped me up a couple times as well. I rather write a check, but they won't let me.