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Saturday Update

It takes us a minute to get ready for a picture
It seems that there is so much going on that I have had little or no time to post on a regular basis.  Let's try to get caught up for the week, shall we?  Hubs really, really likes his new job.  He works with a great bunch of guys and I am tickled to see him so happy when he comes home from work.  As it stands now, he will be on first shift and not second shift.  This means he will not be getting the shift differential, but that is okay.  In order to conserve on gas and tolls, we have decided to ride into work together. He works 7 to 330 and I work 8 to 5.  To make this work, I will be going to the gym in the morning and then to work, and after work, he will be going to the gym until I get off from work.  Our jobs are less then a mile from each other, and the gym or wellness center is part of the hospital system that he works for.

Last week, I went to an interview at another hospital system in this area for a "pool" position.  It would be every other weekend, taking call on Friday and Saturday night.  The hospital is small and call or getting called in in the middle of the night is not to bad at that hospital.  It works out that being on call, you get paid your hourly rate for every four hours you are on call.  If you do get called in, and you are there for less than one hour, you get a minimum of one hour of pay.  For example, for the two evenings that I would be on call, I would get a minimum of 160.00 dollars, even if I do not get called in.

I interviewed with the department head, and ultrasound supervisor and then I went back for a second "scanning" interview with the evening tech.  The supervisor called me the next day and told me that they wanted to hire me.  Now I am just waiting to set up the orientation and get started with becoming part of their "team"!

Short Sale Update:  No change.  Honestly.... this is the craziest thing that I have every seen.

AVON update:  I am enjoying the AVON experience very much.  I like the concept of being a business owner so to speak.  I do have to put more time into it to reap bigger benefits, but I am taking things a bit slower this time around, so I do not become overwhelmed and discouraged.  I do have one recruit already, she found me through my AVON website, and there is another lady that is thinking about joining up too. 

My profits with AVON are small right now.  I do consider this a plus, because last time I did this, I was always in the hole due to buying too much for me and or poor money management. I do have to say that I am always surprised at how many individuals enjoy buying AVON products. 

Mother's Day was a blast.  I had all of my family together and I cannot tell you how much that meant to me.  As I have said before, it was this time last year ( Mother's Day eve and two weeks after) that my oldest son was in the Trauma Unit with a cracked skull, brain bleeds and loss of memory.  Pretty much the worse time of our family's life.  The circumstances that put him there was due in some part to his own poor judgment, but when another individual sucker punches you with Brass Knuckles, there is definitely some poor choices on the other individual's part too.

I celebrate each day that J is with us.  As I do my other children.  But as a mother, it seems your attention goes to the child that seems to need it the most.  And lately, it has been J.

Eventually we do get it right.  :)


The Borrower said...

I love the differences in the photo's and how you and the husband are working out the car pooling - way cool!

I know exactly what you mean about gravitating to the child that needs the most. Sometimes I feel guilty for this, but other times I know this is how it MUST be. Glad this Mother's Day was better.

The Short-Sale Process is just weird. You think they would want to expedite the whole process to begin the financial process of cleaning up their messes. Shame on big money bankers.

Jane said...

What a great looking family!! What a difference a year makes:) Your work/working out arrangement sounds wonderful! And congrats on both hubby's job and your additional job! Now if that short sale would just resolve itself you'd be all set!

Anonymous said...

Great family photo. Congratulations on your weekend gig. When will you find time to blog?

P.S. Supporting your kids just happens when it's needed. No one should keep track.

Lisa said...

Hi Borrower, Thanks for you comments. The short sale is definitely interesting.

Jane, Yes a year does make a difference. I am thankful for every day.

Bucksome, I know that my blogging will suffer. But I have do it for now.