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Carla is Raising Money for Charity and Hello Judy!

Head on Over to Half Dozen Daily to check it out. She's actually raising funds for two separate charities and in return for a donation, she's giving away that fabulous bag you see above.  I have purchased a camera strap cover from Carla last year.  It is the prettiest, most comfortablist (new word) camera strap ever.  Love it!!

I will be donating to her charities because I would love to win this cute tote!

In other great news. I found that elusive blogger Judy, who I only found out is back thanks to Carla's charity drive/giveaway. I saw her comment and realized it had to be her.  I have missed her and I bet you have too!

She's Just Making Her Way Back so go on over and give her a big welcome back if you haven't already.

1 comment:

C.R.P said...

Thanks so much for the shout out & sweet compliments, Lisa!! :)