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Operation Christmas Child Shoe Boxes: Update

After posting about Operation Christmas Child on Facebook, there has been a church friend that has joined me in filling shoeboxes. She and her co-workers have committed to filling at least 26 shoeboxes!! This is great news and I am happily donating as many pairs of flip- flops ( mark down deal at Michael's) as they need to add to the boxes.

My own church pastor has yet to answer my E- mails regarding Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes. Hmmmm..... For the last couple of weeks I have been helping my daughter find a church that she can attend that is closer to her home. So I have not been to my church or had the opportunity to speak to my Pastor in person. I am planning on attending my church this Sunday and maybe he will have an answer for me at that time.

My mom's church also fill shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child so I will be helping them out as well with flip- flops and any other items I have excess of. I love her little church! They are a small congregation, but they have a huge loving heart!
And they have been very good to my mom through out her illness.

So far I have been very fortunate to find a lot of deals. There are still some school supplies that are on clearance and summer items too.

Can't wait to see what I find this week!

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Live and Learn said...

You are doing a good thing with these boxes. I may do some. I see there are churches in my area where I could drop them off. However, my church does not do this particular outreach.

Lisa Richardson said...

Our church has not done it for years... but they agreed to start it up again.