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It's a Fabulous Thursday!


Another busy week as we are trying to get back to normal around here.   I am back to work this week and trying to get back into a regular schedule.  One thing I have learned is that my schedule is anything but normal.  Flexibility is key around here. Work has been busy and there have been Christmas parties to attend.  I appreciate all the hub bub as it keeps me distracted in a good way.  

Mom started her Chemo treatments with Herceptin on Monday.  Herceptin is more of an antibody and does not have all the side effects of more intense Chemotherapy.   Her doctors are hopeful that this particular  drug will keep the cancer that metastasized to her spine in check.  

Mom also has a spot on her scalp that is basal cell carcinoma.  This appeared about 6 months ago and she has an appointment today to get it looked at and to see what the treatment plan for that will be.   Mom is doing pretty good since dad passed.  She has a supportive church family and we try to be there all we can.  This week each of my grown children have taken turns daily to go and visit mom or take her out.  

I have been working on my Financial goals for 2013 and trying to set attainable goals and not ones that are beautiful on paper but tragically difficult to achieve in real life.  I was hoping to eliminate most if not all the credit card debt THIS year, but there have been some unforeseen expenses that have stymied that goal.  

eBay has been keeping me busy and I am thrilled about that.  I tracked the first week of sales for December and things are moving along pretty good.  Still need to make time to list this week and get more items out there.  My husband is working a late shift tonight so maybe I can get some serious listing done this evening.  Fingers crossed!

A big shout out to Sluggy @ Don't Read This; It's Boring!   I was the big winner for the "Boring Blog Box" Giveaway.  Oh.... Sluggy's blog is anything but boring.  She is a Rite Aid coupon queen and shares all of her deals with you.  

As you look through the pictures below you can see all the great stuff I won!  Sluggy, I will put all of these items to good use.  My daughter is already calling dibs on the makeup.... and Princess (bulldog) would like very much to have the Reese's cups, but those are for hubs.  

The box is a blessing and certainly cheered me up :)  Winning is such a good feeling, isn't it?

I hope you all have a fabulous Thursday!


Michelle said...

I'm definitely jealous of everything you won!

CentsToSave said...

Thanks Michelle! It was an early Christmas to be sure :)

midlifemusingsmom said...

Okay, I am completely jealous that you won Sluggy's giveaway box!

ebay is on my list of things to do for 2013...I'm finally going to try it! Any words of advice?

I'm keeping your Mom in my prayers and hoping that your Mom does well on her chemo. This can not be fun around the holidays.

Make sure you make time for yourself Lisa!! :)!

CentsToSave said...

I hope you win the next Sluggy box Sharon!
eBay..... Trial and Error. Google Lynne Dralle and her Newsletters. They go back to about 2005 or 2006. Lots of information that you can use. Also, on Facebook there is a group called Thrifting With The Boys. It is a closed group but ask to join. Lots of great info on shipping tips, listing tips...etc.

Thanks for your prayers! Mom is tough and is fighting the good fight.

Time for myself usually involves a thrift store or two :)
Cheap retail therapy.

Sluggy said...

I am feeling the love today. ;-)

Prayers and much healing for all of you as your mom goes through this chemo treatment.

I am in eBay Hell. I have been doing it for sooo long off and on. It gets harder each time I go back to eBay but I just can't help myself. Maybe I am a masochist?lol

Jane Harrison said...

Hi Lisa: I am jealous too - Sluggy's giveaway boxes are the BEST! But considering the downs in your life you definitely deserve this UP! I was sorry to hear about the passing of your dad and your mom's continuing struggles with cancer...time spent with your mother will be especially cherished over this Christmas season and as she continues her battles. So glad you have supportive family and church family. Sending you hugs!!