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My Foster Pups

Recently, I have decided to become a volunteer with a local small dog rescue. The best way I could help is to foster these fur babies until they find their permanent home. Today I went to the animal shelter to pick up my first two pups.

Here is the first pup. She is a chihuahua mix, loves people and is very social. She does well on a leash and mostly comes when I call her. She even survived her first bath in the sink today.


This is the little male chihuahua. He is very timid, definitely not social and greatly dislikes his leash. The two are a bonded pair. The male definitely relies on the female, but the female is not that attached to the male. Although she will check on the male she does not otherwise rely on him.


I have always wanted to become more active in animal welfare, so no time like the present to start!



Lisa Richardson said...

I think that it would be hard to give them up when they find a home for them, but you're doing a wonderful thing. I think now is a good time as you said for you to start this endeavor.

Lisa Richardson said...

That's wonderful, Lisa! :) Hope they soon find their forever homes!

Lisa Richardson said...

Thanks Carla! They are so darn cute!

Lisa Richardson said...

The pups are so different, one loving and one is not so people friendly. I really hope they both find great homes. And it will be sad to see them go, but my own two dogs keep me pretty busy.

Lisa Richardson said...

That's so commendable. Reading posts like this makes me smile, because it makes me realize that there are still good people left in this world!