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Christmas Shopping

Christmas Shopping is hard work! I have been attempting to finish Christmas shopping these last couple of evenings. The first night I took my husband. We went to the mall and were able to get the task started. The grandkids(we have 6) are finished. Now we have to finish our kids and my parents. Parents are the hardest to buy for. They already have "everything"! My dad always says "don't buy me anything!" Right, dad. That's not gonna happen. So I have found him the New Testament on cassette tape. That and a golf shirt, and maybe shorts. My mom is getting tickets to see the play "The Lion King" when it comes to town in January.

Now my kids will get clothes, which I have almost taken care of. And They will get a gift card to their favorite store. That' about it. I still have to get their gift cards. Hubby is getting a new scope for his muzzleloader rifle.

How do we pay for it? Well, overtime my husband have come to a financial understanding. We have seperate accounts ( but in reality they have both our names) and we divide the bills. He pays the house payment, the house taxes, the insurance, the medical insurance, car repair (he is a mechanic) and any eating out, AND gift shopping which includes Christmas.

I pay the rest.

It works out for us to do it that way. We each have control over our own finances, and we each have responsibility for our own financial being. This blog keeps me on task with my finances, I feel accountable to myself and to those that read it. By having to be accountable I am so much more aware of whre my money goes and how I can make it work for me.

It's a great feeling.


Dimes said...

Yessiree, parents are HARD to shop for! Not only do they have everything, but in our case, they look at what we bought them as a status report on our finances. Meaning, if we don't spend "enough" on them they ask us if we're broke and need money. Crazy!

Lisa said...

You are absolutely right! Can't win for losing!~ :)

Lisa said...

You are absolutely right! Can't win for losing!~ :)