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Holiday Parties

Is it me or is it the hardest thing to decide "what to wear" to a company Christmas party? Good Lord. I went shopping twice looking for just the "right" top to wear. I know it's not that big of deal to anyone else, but to me and my inner voice I have to make sure that its the "perfect" top.

Maybe it's because I wear scrubs and sneakers everyday that getting dressed up is an alien experience to me. Just wondering if anyone else has that much anxiety about getting "ready" for a party....

Well, the party was last night and don't you know that the outfit I had on was just fine. A lot of stress for nothing. But It happens every time.


D said...

Thanks for this post. I'm not alone - YEA!!!!

I freak out every time we have somewhere to go. Makes me not want to go, instead of anticipating a good time.

Makes you wish to be a man. Dockers and a nice button down and you can look sharp.

Lisa said...

Amen Sister! I feel your pain!!!