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Electric Bill Update

The most recent electric bill reflects well on our efforts to reduce our consumption of energy. As a family ,we have been incorporating the use of the umbrella clothesline in our daily routine. We also replaced all the light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs. The actual bill was for 170.00 dollars. The power company in our area allows you to participate in "Budget Billing ":

Budget Billing is a free service that lets you plan your monthly payments and helps you keep your budget balanced. It's designed by Progress Energy Florida to help you avoid unpredictable bills.

How It Works:

Your monthly Budget Bill amount will be based on the average of your actual bills during the last 12 months (including local taxes, franchise fees, private area lighting and energy management credits). This amount will stay the same for at least three months.
Because we continue to read your meter every month, your monthly bill will show exactly how much energy you used, the actual bill amount and the deferred balance on your account.
The difference between your actual bill and your Budget Bill amount each month will be shown as a deferred balance. This may be a credit or a debit amount.
Every three months, your Budget Bill amount will be recalculated to reflect the average of your last 12 months actual bills and your deferred balance

My average bill is currently 237.00 dollars. This is due to the HOT summers in Florida. The AC runs nonstop. So, In the summer my bill was reaching close to 300.00 dollars!! But I was only having to pay around 225.00 due to average billing. The remainder amount was put into a balance that I eventually will pay back under the Budget Billing program.

Since my actual use was 170.00 this last bill, the difference between the amount due (237.00) and the 170.00 (63.00 dollars)will be credited to my balance owed to the power company.

Balance owed has been reduced to 270.00. I still have a ways to go to reduce the balance. I think in the next couple of months great headway will be made.

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Thefrugaltoad said...

We replaced most of the light bulbs with CFL and saw a reduction of about $15 per month. We had a big freezer in the garage that we unplugged and saw a $20 savings per month. We are also on an equalizer plan and pay $220/month. I think that is OK considering we live in Phoenix in a 2400 sq. ft.home.