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Staying on Track For Next Year

As the new year approaches, it is time to reflect and plan for the new year. Financially I plan to stay on track to aggressively save for my retirement. I currently don't carry any debt to speak of. The last card my Bank of America Credit Card, carries a balance of 75 dollars. I know, just pay it off. But since I have budgeted all my money for monthly bills and expenses I neglected to budget for that balance.

I have a recurring bill that is automatically billed each month on that credit card, and that bill payment is in the budget. Hence, I am never late with a payment, I just have not reduced the balance. So.... I think I am looking at my first New Year's Resolution. Pay the stupid balance.

My goals are oriented to finance my retirement and to avoid incurring any debt. I also am building my Emergency Fund to 5000 dollars. The fund is about 1100 dollars short of its goal. It should be at its goal within 6 months. I need to figure out what the next goal for the Emergency Fund will be and how long of time frame I will give myself to achieve it.

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