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Identity Crisis.....

This is a delayed decision in the blogging game, but I have changed my signature from Lisa to Sunni. Why Sunni you ask? Its short for Sunshine which is a nickname from High School. As my blog progresses I have decided to become more anonymous, if that is possible. It will still be me, but I feel more comfortable using Sunni...instead of Lisa.

Addendum: December 30, 2006.

Whoops! Since I also author a "family " blog for all of my extended family, using Sunni will not be a name they will recognize. But... "Missy" a nickname from early childhood will be very familiar to all of them. So,,, Pardon the confusion.... the new alias will be the very first nickname,, of "Missy".


golbguru said...

Welcome to the anon club :)

Missy said...

I should have joined the club from the beginning!