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Passive Income

On this journey of acquiring financial knowledge, I have been reading about as well as thinking about passive income. What is passive income? Wikipedia defines it as ".... where money is received usually on a regular basis, without continuing effort. This does not mean no effort at all; most passive income streams require great effort to start with."

So is it a bad thing to establish passive income from a blog? The choice is certainly a personal decision. Some blogs will have the ads from google and others will have links to Amazon where if you make a purchase the blogger will recieve a small percentage. These are just to name a few.

As an individual attempting to prepare my financial future and how to improve it I don't see any harm in the concept of passive income. It is about choices, and readers can chose to either avoid the ads or they can explore what they have to offer.

I know that I have visited blogs and have read their reccommendations about certain books and I purchased the book through their affiliate site and they probably made a few cents of my purchase. I was going to buy the book anyway, why not let the purchase benefit a fellow blogger?

So that being said, I will be establishintg a few links to different sites that will benefit me if you make a purchase. It is your choice to investigate that link or not. I will keep you posted on the outcome. I don't expect to make a million, but a few dollars here and there will be put to good use. Most likely it will find it way into my Roth IRA, and my Roth IRA needs lots of attention.

There you go, passive income may not be your cup of tea, and that's okay, but I will be giving it a go, and that's okay too.


lndsymaria said...

I know what you mean. I try to keep my links to ones that I agree with such as YNAB.Com. I do get a percentage if you go through my site but I want bloggers to know that I support it and use it myself, otherwise it's too self-centered.

Lisa said...

Exactly, for instance,there are lots of books I have read and learned from so I list them on "Books I have read"...If someone wants to have a look it will take them to Amazon ( and I signed up as an affiliate) and maybe purchase a book, it is their choice.

lndsymaria said...

Can you list them one at a time? Just the title. It might spark something. I'm always on the lookout for new books!

Lisa said...

I Like the "Wealthy Barber", "Millionaire Next Door", and one you have read and discussed on your site is "Nice Girls Don't Get Rich". Any books by Mary Hunt I like too.
I have read Rich Dad ,Poor Dad and the Autommatic Millionaire too. They all have something to offer everyone. You just have to decide what to take from each selection.

I like ANY book about money, and always have.