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Electric Bill Update

We received our latest electric bill today and it was a combination of good news and bad news. Our monthly usage had decreased about 40.00 dollars. Yea!
But since we are on the average billing plan and I still have a balance of 347.00 that I still owe the electric company, my average bill is increasing from 226.00 to 237.00 beginning in January. The electric company reviews the bill every quarter and if your balance (if you have a balance) increases, then your bill will increase. But when your balance is decreasing, (and Mine is slowly....) the average bill will be reduced to reflect the decrease. Confusing? At times it is. But I like the predictability of what my electric bill will be each month, so overall it a good thing for me. But it will be better when the average bill starts to decrease!!

I attribute the decrease to the use of the clothesline and I look forward to next month's bill as that will indicate if the installation of the compact fluorescents throughout the house will impact the electric bill significantly. (Fingers crossed)


D said...

$40 is a huge savings. How awesome!!! It will be well worth it when your budget pay reflect the decrease. Look at it as future cash flow. With the larger payments you are paying the next quarters will be a breeze!

golbguru said...

Wow, you guys must have a huge house :)The last total electricity bill for our small (but comfy) apartment was $40.65 !!

I agree with "d" above, look at it like increased cash flow, and when you look at it like that, it means the increased cash should find it's way to your Emigrant account. :)

Lisa said...

No, it not a huge house, about 1500 sq feet, but in the middle of summer (July, August and September) in Florida are VERY hot! We use the AC a lot during the HOT months.