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Dealing with Debt Collectors

In my past, I have had issues with huge amounts of debt. We were in Debt up to our eyeballs and debt collectors were calling day and night. I found relief by using the techniques in Back Off!: The Definitive Guide to Stopping Collection Agency Harassment
A friend recommended this book to me, and I have since recommended and in some cases, loaned it to others. It literally saved me from making a huge mistake -- I still refer to this book from time to time.

"The sample "CEASE & DESIST" letters in the appendices are tried and true and stop third-party debt collectors dead in their tracks. Once you have an understanding of your rights and how to exercise them, you will not feel so overwhelmed. Mr. Dover does an excellent job navigating and explaining the laws relating to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

Do not be afraid to utilize the information in this book. Living in the lawsuit capital of the world, I have spent a lot of time researching both federal and state laws, and found Mr. Dover to be extremely accurate. If your account has been referred to an outside collection agency and the original creditor refuses to work with you, there is nothing to lose at this point. "

If you are at a point in your financial life that things are out of control and you need help, check out this very informative book.


lndsymaria said...

Great information! Thank goodness my cards are not in default, but if they were, I would definately check into this.

Financial Imbalance said...

Excellent information. Nobody wants to have debt collectors harassing them 24/7.

Missy said...


We were is serious debt, way over our heads in debt. The book did provide great info for relief from the harrassment.

You are so right...The harrassment was out of control....