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The Weight Game

The weekly weight posting.Not my most favirte post, to be sure.
I usually try to weigh every day, just to keep tabs on how things are going. This week has been more chaotic than most. The new job f which I only kept for three days or three days, and then happily going back to my old job.

And then there is the home improvement project of putting down new laminate through out most of the house. This is quite a job but the outcome is well worth the time and mess involved.

Needless to say, my house as well as my professional life were in a bit of a mess. The impact of these particular events have reflected in my weight. The scale says I am now at 213 lbs. I did it three times so the scale must be right. I did not post my weight last week, but I think I need to in order to keep track better. I was writing it down and keeping it posted on the refrigerator, but since we moved EVERYTHING to put the floor in, I can't find it. At least not yet.

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