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20 Dollar Challenge

Time to update the 2o dollar challenge. With the accumulation of spare change, ( about 2.50) and The time spent reading my bible. For each half hour, I pay myself about 50 cents. I have studied for about 3 hours over the last 4 days. So that will be an addition of 1.50 to the challenge. Total to add is 4.00.

What I have learned from this brief time participating in the challenge is that I do not get any exercise. part of my criteria for paying myself also was to pay myself for each mile I walked. I started the challenge early in October and I have only walked about 2 miles. Disappointing to say the least. Well, I hope to change that in November.

Also, I had 1 hour in overtime, so I will contribute one half that amount which is 18.00 dollars.

Bible Study 1.50
Spare Change 2.50
Overtime 18.00

Prev Bal. 123.52
TOTAL 145.52

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