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Las Vegas in Review

I just have to say the our trip to Las Vegas was awesome. We had a great time, the weather was perfect and the shows were all that we thought they would be. The helicopter ride into the Grand Canyon was the absolute best. My friend's daughter is a travel agent and she recommended that we take the helicopter tour into the Canyon. She said it would be "Life Altering"!! and she was absolutely right. It is an incredible sight to see from the air, and the descent into the Canyon brought tears to my eyes. Such beauty created by God is sight that everyone should behold. Breathtaking!!

Due to a scheduling error, the original date of the helicopter trip was changed. This change led to a misunderstanding and the helicopter company was unable to take us on our changed flight time. This led to compensation by the company which was a NIGHT flight over Las Vegas that showcased all the beautiful lights from the casinos. This was an unexpected treat to be sure.
It is great to go on vacation and it is wonderful to be back home. I have a few small charges to reconcile and I should be even. I did not blow my budget.
We did gamble some, I like roulette ( no skill involved) and I did pretty good on that. What I mean by pretty good is I won about 40 or 50 dollars. Not really big money. The slots just "sucked" my money down. I did not do well with those at all. I am not a big gambler so I did not spend much time or money on it.
I will have to clean out my purse for loose change and add that to my 20 dollar challenge. I will update that tomorrow...... Gotta get some rest right now.


Hilda said...

Beautiful pictures! So, did you get to fly over Grand Canyon and fly over the strip at night, too?

Lisa said...

Thanks Hilda! Yes, we were able to fly over and into the Grand Canyon as well as the night flight over the strip! It was Awesome!

Kris said...

Hi! Just found you through the frugal blogroll and wanted to drop a quick comment - we went to Vegas last spring for our 10th anniversary and had a BLAST! Your pics of the canyon are awesome, and what a GREAT treat to get a night time view of the Strip from the air! How amazing!

Lisa said...

Thanks for your comments! The night flight of the strip was totally amazing!