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The first trip was to Walgreens for the Nyquil Deal. I bought 5 Nyquil Products (On Sale 5 for 20 dollars) and after the coupons I found in the Parade magazine for 1.50 the total cost was down to 12.50. This purchase generated 10 dollars in register rewards AND I had a rebate for 5.00 dollars from Vicks that has already been sent in. So I made 2.50 dollars after all is said and done.

Next I went to CVS and picked up Palmolive, Colgate Toothpaste and Toothbrushes. Also and Excedrin and the Reese Whipped Candy Bars. Out of Pocket after Coupons And ECBS was .40 cents. Earned ECBs was 8.00 dollars worth.

I also went to Target ( no picture) and stocked up on the Eelctrosol Dishwashing Tabs with a final cost of about .40 cents for each box. Not to mention I again used the .50 cents off of butter and1.00 dollar off of the sample coffees(final cost free).

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