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Saturday Savings At CVS

"Hello, my name is Lisa and I am addicted to CVS!!"

Yep, I have a problem. I love to go to CVS with coupons in hand and SAVE money! Today was a great day for stocking up on shampoo. CVS has Herbal Essence Shampoo BOGo for 4.29.

Here is what I did.

10 Shampoo and Conditioners = 42.90
Subtract 5 coupons at 3.00each - 15.00
Subtract BOGO Amount -21.45
Subtract 4/20 CVS beauty Coupon 4.00
NEW TOTAL!!! 2.45
(Tax was 1.14)

I saved over 40.00 dollars! Yes, I have a problem, but it is one I can live with!
(did I mention, I did this deal twice! so I REALLY saved 80.00 dollars.!!)


Anonymous said...

Wow! Great job. I am new to CVS but having a ball learning the ins and outs. How were you able to get 5 of the Herbal Essence coupons? Do you buy several newspapers?

Jeff, Abbey, and Reed Land said...

That's so awesome. My wife isn't into CVS-scene yet, but I surely am! That's so cool. I'm going to have to try your Herbal Essence idea!

Dannalie said...

Holy Cow!
What a great deal!
Love your site!

Lisa said...

Thanks for comments!

Anonymous, I use Ebay for coupons when I need to stockpile

Jeff, CVS can be a lot of fun! Good Luck with the Herbal Essence!

Dannalie! Thanks for visiting!

Tracy said...

Wow, that's awesome! Wish we had a CVS here!