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Cash for My Carpet

Last week, we finally received our Economic Stimulus Checks! That is the Good News. The plans for my check were to save it for a future purchase of new furniture. This was not meant to be. At my six month dental check up in April, I discovered that I was going to get a crown!!! Great. 500. 00 bucks out the door. Wooosh!!! So, my plans of saving for the future purchase of new furniture are being put on hold. ( At least until I can Pay off my Carpet!)

So, 500 dollars of my check is going for the new crown. 60.00 dollars it tithed to my church. and the rest will ( 40.00) will go towards my Carpet Fund. I am also adding 30.00 dollars that I received from referrals courtesy of Free Money Revolution! Thanks so much to those of you who used my referral link. It is greatly appreciated.!

So we are adding 70.00 dollars to the Cash for My Carpet!

Prev. 285.00
Add 70.00
Total 355.00

Just a little under 1000.00 dollars to go!

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