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Albertson's Deal

I went to Albertson's today during my lunch hour. The new ad started today and they had 32oz. Powerade on sale for .68 cents! And when you bought 10 of the 32 oz Powerade's you also get a case (24) of Dasani waters for FREE! I thought this was a pretty good deal as my hubs LOVES Powerade and drinks it daily!

So, for a grand total of 7.01 dollars I got a case of Dasani water and 10 32oz. bottles of Powerade.
The savings for this purchase was 19.71 dollars!! (according to the receipt)

I did look on line for Powerade coupons ( Ebay ) and they did have them but a prices that were too high for me to consider.

I might have to pass by Albertson's again tomorrow!

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