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Trash Can Composting

I have started a small garden this year. So far I have watermelon plants, pumpkin plants, zucchini and yellow squash plants. I did try a couple of tomato plants, but the hot Florida sun literally "cooked" them before they had a chance to grow.

So far the majority of the plants are doing well and I am excited to watch their progress as they grow. I want to be more "green" in my home and in my garden so I am attempting composting. I looked online for composting options and the prices are a little high for my taste. This is my first attempt and I really did not want to put a lot of money in to it, but I did want to try it.

I did find a brief tutorial on how to build a trash can composter and I modified it a bit to meet my needs.

First, I bought a plastic trash can with a locking lid. I then drilled 1/2 holes in all over the can including the bottom.

Next, I filled the bottom of the can with shredded newspaper to absorb the liquid and after that I added coffee grounds, eggshells, and other vegetable scraps. Next I added the grass clippings and will continue this process as the items become available to compost.

What I really like about this trash can is that it has a locking lid. This way I can "roll" the trash can back and forth to mix up the barrel and promote faster decomposition. This is a tidy economical and attractive option for composting!


Feminine Pursuits said...

How long have you had your trash can composter set up? I'd like to give this a try. I have a traditional compost pile, but it takes a lot of work to turn it. I have goats, so we compost the manure and hay, I have quite a lot. This looks like a much easier method.

LISA said...

Hi Ashley
Thanks for your question! I am fairly new to composting and I have been using the "trash can" for about a month. If you had a lot of compost materials, consider more that one can... just a suggestion. As I said, this is a new endeavor for me!

Let me know what you do, I am curious to see how it works for you!