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Here is the link to my Ebay store..........."Happy Girl Collectibles" , This is an avenue for me to find another home for all of my Stampin' Up items. I have lots to relocate, and using the Ebay store and auctions is helping me to whittle down my collection. Stampin' Up is lots of fun and lets you explore your creative side, but I do not have the time to devote to it. The money earned at Ebay will be applied to new furniture...... that was purchased 6 months ago "with no payments for a year".... probably not the wisest way to buy furniture. Buy anyhoo.... Its a done deal and I have until May!

I will be listing more auctions in several days.

I also am dabbling in thrift store finds and clearance items that are marked down to practically nothing. What are your experiences with Ebay?


Tracy said...

I have had very limited success selling on Ebay. Occasionally when I sell something that does really well I get excited about it, but then it seems like I have ten items that don't do well. I hope you can do better at it than I can!

Lisa said...

Hi Tracy

Thanks for the well wishes... And it can be hit or miss, but I am going to continue at least long enought to empty out the Stampin Up stuff.