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12 Weeks Until Christmas...... and counting....

Yes... 12 Weeks until Christmas! Time is just flying by! Update on my Christmas shopping. There are no new purchases this year. As I said before, I have some gifts that were purchased last year on clearance.... I will have to go through them first before I get ready to shop for this year.

My online classes that I am taking as well as interning have settled down and are manageable this week. My next internship will be face to face and I went to the local community college (where I went to school) and spoke to my old professor. She is graciously allowing me to intern one of her ultrasound classes. Major stress for me. I am working on those notes and getting that lecture for that semester ready. But the opportunity is a great one, so I will be happy to suck it up and enjoy the adventure... stress and all.

The weather in here (Central Florida) is absolutely wonderful. Low humidity. The temp is down... it is really quite enjoyable. A great change from the heat of summer.

Off to watch the debates.....

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