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Isn't "midterms" a funny word for a middle aged mom to be talking about? Well, it is all about the midterms right not. Three online classes and three midterms. So far, one is completed. It was a PowerPoint presentation, and I am really unfamiliar with PowerPoint, so it took a while to complete. The other two are papers. Lovely term papers. Yipee.

The class I am that I am interning in is keeping me busy. The students are posting their summaries and responses. I love this class ! I am learning so much from the students that will benefit me in the future. So far, the internship has been a great experience.

So. you see I am really busy with work, school, homework, etc. My posting has been slack, but that will improve in the near future.


paula said...

I feel your pain. I have three nights of classes. I am only 4 classes away from grad. with a BA. I also just got a new job in my field as a social worker so I have, training, lots of commuting and classes...yikes

Lisa said...

Hi Paula,

Good for you!! You are so close to your degree! It is a lot of juggling but "we" can do it!