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Phone Envy

Phone envy!! I am guilty of phone envy. Several months ago my daughter selected a new phone .as her graduation gift from me and her dad. Her choice was a "slider phone". It is almost like a mini computer,PDA and phone. So cute!! Anyway... it was a little pricey (about three hundred bucks) but I tell ya,, I was eyeing that sucker!!!!

I went to the phone store about two months ago and decided on a PALM phone. (THIS PURCHASE WAS BEFORE HUBS WAS LAID OFF AND BEFORE MY PAY CUT). The phone has lots of bells and whistles!! And at times I really want my old LG flip phone back because it is simple and easier to
But with time AND lots of trial and error I am finding that I adjusting to this phone. In fact, this post and the previous post are directly from my phone!!!!
This will account for any typos!!!


Paula said...

Lisa, I know exactly what you are saying. Last christmas my hubs and I got new voyager phones which are similar to the Iphone. I can do everything and for the first several months I wanted my old phone back really bad. It was easy to dial, and using the internet was so much easier too or so it seemed. But now I do like my new fangled touch phone.

Lisa said...

Paula .... you are right...it does get easier. Now if I can just figure out how to post a picture from my phone directly to my blog .....